Cheap Holiday Ideas To The Island Of Menorca

Holiday Cancellation Insurance

Holiday Cancellation Insurance covers you for situations where you need to cancel your holiday.

If you need to cancel your holiday due to yourself or someone in your travelling party falling ill, a close relative passing away or if you are made redundant by your employer, you will be covered.

Many standard travel insurance policies are very restrictive and some only cover for cancellation in very particular circumstances, otherwise you are not covered. By taking out a policy that specifically coveres holiday / travel cancellation you can be safe in the knowledge that when things go wrong you will be covered.

The last thing anyone wants is to have to cancel a holiday especially if it was booked well in advance and those involved have spent considerable money in the process. Package holidays can run into thousands of pounds depending on where the holiday is for and the level of accomodation.

It is worth checking the small print of any holiday or travel insurance policy to see what is and is not covered not just in terms of cancellation. Some cheaper policies for example only cover one parent in circumstances where a child falls ill on holiday, leaving the family needing to make a decision whether to bourne the cost of all members staying or deciding who is to return home possibly alone (depending on numbers).

Therefore it can often be a false economy buying the cheapest travel insurance poloicy should there be a need to make a claim.

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